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Wasatch Wonder  
Handles the backcountry!
Gas Pedal is made for speed!

Never outsourced.
Hand made in the shadows of the 
Wasatch Mountains.

'backcountry guru'  lives in South America. 30 years plus of global ascents, descents. No pair of skis is more enjoyed for their diversity in all terrain than the Wasatch Wonder.


Vinyl Only Please! A dj was original once.
dj set#1             dj set#2
My first mixer was a raw Radio Shack unit. My turntables had scratch pads from PDX but city hype stopped there.  My decks were straight out of coastal thrift stores. I built them from parts I mined from different turntables.  I’ve collected LPs since the eighties. Rock and roll changed my life.  I'd go to 'The Greek' in Berkeley, CA for shows.  I've seen thousands of live shows throughout my life.  My first turntablist experience was in the Oakland Coliseum parking lot at  'Grateful Dead-Chinese New Years' show in the 80's. Scratchin'&mixin'. Finessin' the tables blew my mind.  Hip-hop DJs are kings.  I stay away from mainstream.  Focus on the roots.  The story telling, revolution, sex, dance, creative art expression.  Lps covers are a limitless canvas.  Their contribution to pop culture massive.  The vinyl analog sound is the best quality.  My record collecting is a passion.  I love it!


'Best Bar' Swan Lake,MT (fire tower)

photos by Loni Workman

'The Best Bar in America'...home sweet home in Missoula,MT

Built in the 1890's in Missoula. Living in the upstairs of this masterpiece inspires continual originality. It's long hallways of beautiful decorative wood, tall ceilings, and giant window views inspire. There is a powerful spacial metaphor of abundance. This beautiful, extensive restoration work has begun a healthy construction trend North of the railroad tracks in Missoula,MT.  Bike accessible to downtown.  Close to interstate.
Mark Kerstin is the vanguard craftsman.  His artistic and unmatched professionalism is world-class.  Recycling materials, re-surfacing old wood.  Keeping hold the aesthetic decorative building roots.  The extent of Mark's art is limitless within the constructs of architecture, design, and historical authenticity. 
Reprise:  Loni and I lived in the Stensrud for about four months while in Missoula shooting The Best Bar in America